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There are many ways to get involved.  We are always looking for causes to collaborate with and support.   Please contact us directly and sign up for our email updates to learn more about upcoming events and how you can participate. 

Your tax-deductible donations help us to continue programs that honor various cultures.  Our goal is to educate and expand awareness into teachings that serve the planet and all of humanity.

Help us continue these programs and donate today!   


Projects we are committed to!

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 Picturing Peace

Saving Lives with Art...

Welcome to Picturing Peace, a project by artist Jane Delaford Taylor and her daughter Esther, aiming to utilize art's influence to raise funds for the safe evacuation of a family of 25 Palestinians trapped in Gaza.


All profits from your purchase will go directly towards the evacuation costs of refugees fleeing Gaza. The artworks donated here for sale represent hundreds of hours of skilled professional time by the participating artists - we hope you will take the time to browse and maybe share with friends and family too. We are picturing peace for Gaza!

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The Mamos

Healing the Earth...


Mamos and Zagas are the Spiritual Leaders, Priests and Priestesses of the Tayrona people of Columbia South America.


The word Mamo means Enlightenment. Mamos hold the Spiritual knowledge of their people and are trained from an early age to do Healings, Sacred Ceremony as well as Divination.

The Mamos made themselves known to humanity in the 1970's to assist us in balancing the damage to the earth and teach us how to live in harmony and peace.

They travel throughout the world doing Pagamentos (sacred ceremony and offerings) to mitigate the discord on the planet.   Your donations to directly to the Mamos in support of their work.

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* Note:  Some of our programs are online as well as in person.   See our list of events and how you can participate. 


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