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Ceremony for the Ocean, Dolphins and Whales - Indigenous Teachings with the Mamos - Part II

This is the second of a three-part series of Pagamentos, or sacred ceremonies, led by the Mamos Indians, that were part of the planetary earthwork we did with our community on behalf of the wildlife in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mamos are indigenous special holy beings from the High Sierra Mountains in Columbia, South America who have come to share their message with the world to help us do our part in healing the planet. Our Earth is currently in a state of transition as we see changes in weather patterns, forest fires, temperatures increasing, and conflicts expanding. Many of these changes are due to our inability to live in harmony with each other and our natural environment.

Pagamentos, sacred offerings, are used by the Mamos throughout the world to help regain balance and heal the Earth. In this Pagamento filmed In June of 2023 in Atlantic City, NJ, the Mamos led the group through the ceremony which included, offerings, music and, storytelling. Mamo Rodrigo shares the response of the Ocean and what we can do to help keep her healthy, alive, and thriving.

We invite you to explore ways in which the indigenous wisdom can do for you and in your own Pagamentos, sacred offerings, to the Earth in support of the planet and humanity. When these offerings are done with love, devotion, play, and gratitude, Mother Nature responds.

This is a critical time in our evolution.

Special thanks to Zaga Josephina, Mamo Rodrigo, Mamo Atilio, and Mamo Cencio for your continued work around the planet and your love, wisdom, and commitment to helping the world heal.

Thank you to Ginny Gregorio (Abu Ginny) for your continued efforts in organizing and interpreting these valuable teachings. Thank you to Orlando Villarraga for the Film, Music, Sound Production, and Direction in creating these amazing films @ocgv_sound and @ocgv_visuals and Miguel Griego @griegocreative636 for video editing.

Thank you to all of you for watching. Please like and share so we can be the change!


Denise and Michael

If you are interested in learning more and donating to continue these programs and sponsoring the work of the Mamos, learn more here:

This video was sponsored by: The Global Awareness Charitable Trust and Alchemy: The Soul of Transformation.  

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