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Mamos - Sacred Journey - SOLD OUT

Mamos are the Spiritual Leaders or Priests for the Tayrona people. The word Mamo means Enlightenment. Mamos hold the Spiritual knowledge of their people and are trained since an early age to do Healings, Sacred Ceremony as well as Divination.

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Mamos - Sacred Journey  - SOLD OUT
Mamos - Sacred Journey  - SOLD OUT

Time & Location

09 abr 2022, 10:00 – 16:00 GMT-4

Alchemy, 641 Webb Rd, Chadds Ford, PA 19317, USA

About the Event

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event with the Mamos (Indigenous Holy Men) from three tribes in the High Sierra Mountains in Columbia, South America.   This will be a day of storytelling, music, sacred ceremony, healing, and blessings of the attendees for the earth, and our sacred waterways.

As we move into the next phase of Gaia's ascension, it will be key to work with the elements of the earth as well as within ourselves.   We will be guided by three Mamos for an amazing day.


Mamo Sewigu Kakamukwa (Mamo Rodrigo) comes from a lineage of Mamos that goes beyond his great-great-grandfather, his family comes from the Kakamukwa lineage and there has been Mamos in his family in every single generation.

Mamo Sewigu (Mamo Rodrigo) was an educator and leader of his community before receiving his Segwa at the head of the Jerez River when being ordained as a Mamo.

Mamo Sewigu is not only a Mamo, but he was a Maestro first.

For the Tayrona, a Maestro is a weaver, a storyteller, a musician, a teacher, and is also in charge of making Sacred Objects for the community.

A Maestro is a weaver who makes the walls of the Temple and the hats the Wiwa people wear, a Maestro also makes the Carrumbo (Sacred Object: a spindle) that the young females use to spin the cotton.

Mamo Sewigu/Rodrigo was the teacher who opened the first bilingual School in 2007 inside the Reservation to teach basic Spanish and Math, as well as their Traditional Knowledge, to prevent the youngsters to leave the Reservation while preserving their Cultural Identity. He has also worked for the Colombian Public Health Department during Public Health campaigns as a nurse. His knowledge of the Tayrona languages as well as his knowledge of the Wiwa and Kogi territory in the state of Guajira enables him to act in the capacity of an intercultural bridge.


Mamo Atilio is an Arhuaco Mamo and comes from a family of Mamos and Zagas. He is a teacher with a deep knowledge of Sacred Materials. Sacred Materials are the natural materials they used to offer Pagamentos for Nature and the Earth. This requires extensive knowledge of plants, animals, and minerals, as well as experience in order to choose the specific material that matches the type of Pagamento or Ceremony they are performing.

He has the proper authorizations from the Spiritual Fathers of the Mineral kingdom to carry rocks, Tumas (Pre-Columbian, Ancestral pieces of Quartz) and all sorts of crystals in large quantities to perform Ceremonies/Pagamentos.

Mamo Atilio is also a Spiritual lawyer and a musician who plays Ancestral Songs of the Arhuaco nation.


Mamo Cencio is a Kogi Mamo who is a botanist with extensive knowledge of the native species of the Sierra. He is also a teacher of Medicinal plants for the Kogis. As a doctor of Ancestral Medicine, he is constantly traveling to distant villages in Kogi territory to take care of his people. He offers his services as a doctor, priest, counselor, and Spiritual leader for a large group of people who are living in a wide area of the Kogi territory in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.  He is also a musician who plays different Tayrona musical instruments and teaches his people the Ancestral songs of the Kogi Nation.

He is authorized to use the Jatuquá which is a sacred method of Divination by water.

Please note:  The exchange for the event is a donation of $144 for the Mamos.  It is tax-deductible.

We will have a translater for the program.   The Mamos like to be outside as much as possible, so please dress accordingly.   We will have a pause in mid-day so please bring your own lunch.


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